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Step by step, we are creating a world for children together.

어린 소녀
식기가 있는 교실
Cute Feet
유치원 과학 수업
수업 시간에 공부하는 학교 아이들
해피 트윈스
여성 단체
유아 드럼 연주
선생님과 학생
Kindergarten Classroom
바닥에 엎드린 아이
실행 아이들
발표하기 위해 손을 드는 아이들


our children's future

 We respect the unique characteristics and interests of every child and provide an individualized education with the resources and environment necessary for each child to reach their full potential.  In addition, we do our best to help children get to know themselves and understand and explore the world around them through diverse and rich experiences.

 Through this educational environment, SimpleStepABA's children advance toward a bright and healthy future and realize their full potential.

Kindergarten Classroom


I am introducing

Our supervisors hold BCBA and BCBA-D qualifications.

  The supervisor holds the BCBA-D and BCBA qualifications issued by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and has sufficient experience in special schools and clinics. Based on this expertise and capabilities, we provide the highest level of behavior analysis services to children and their families. Additionally, our supervisors have outstanding knowledge and experience in the field of behavior analysis, continue to conduct research at the forefront of knowledge, and currently serve as professors. Under his leadership, our team continues to grow and strive to have a positive impact on children's future.

Kindergarten Classroom


​If you have any questions, please contact the research center at any time.


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